Northwest Toyota Campaign - Automotive Advertising | Graham Oleson

The Northwest Toyota Dealer Association spans from the ranchlands of Montana to the Pacific coast. This association needed a campaign that could connect with audiences across this expanse of land and cultures and get each type of Northwesterner to identify Toyota as the car brand truly designed for them. The Toyota campaign came together under the theme of “In the Northwest, WE GO.” This language built upon the national Toyota tagline, “Let’s Go Places” and created a shared rallying cry for people across the Northwest and their Northwest Toyota Dealers. The WE GO campaign was brought to life in every piece of Northwest TDA work across all media. It tied together TV spots, event ads, offer banners, outdoor boards and even outfield walls. It was used to speak to a cowboy on the range, a child on a plane and all points in between. The WE GO campaign brought cohesiveness with flexibility. It was noticed. It was impactful. It was even imitated by the competition.