Honda: Why Settle for Less - Automotive Advertising | Graham Oleson

In 2010-2011 when Hyundai was coming on strong in the marketplace, our Honda dealers consistently told us that Honda buyers were shopping Hyundai because of their aggressive incentive programs and attractive styling on their vehicle lineup. However, the quality just didn’t compare to a Honda. We developed the “Why Settle for Less than a Honda” campaign. We use customers and/or potential buyers to explain why they would never settle. They speak about affordable lease offers, more standard features and better fuel economy on a new Honda.

As we evolved the Why Settle campaign we incorporated consumer reviews and online research that brought them to choose Honda in our “Do the Research” campaign. The theme also worked perfectly to pay off a hard-hitting campaign called “You Want It, You Got It” which serves aggressive comparisons right back to our competition. Why Settle also perfectly reinforces Honda’s national message while leaving a great tie-in opportunity for the dealers at their individual stores.