Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy | Graham Oleson

We have a lot of digital firsts and bests to boast about, like:

  • Using hyperlocal pinpoint targeting to reach two captive audiences – commuters while they were on the train and Patriots fans while they were at a game
  • Working together with the world’s leading in-image advertising provider to develop a new embedded video unit to put relevant video content in front of consumers – they then sold it to major brands such as Proctor and Gamble and Revlon
  • The first agency in the world to buy OTT, AdvancedTV and Full episode players programmatically in the same way targeted digital ads are purchased and place the ads in front of only our target buyers in our target DMAs, extending our TV reach and frequency to Cord Cutters
  • The first agency to serve a complementary display ad to every device connected to a household’s Wi-Fi anytime they see our ad or a competitors ad on TV

Those are just a few. We’re not, however just about being first and best. Ultimately our only measure of automotive digital marketing success is your dealership’s success.

  • Hyperlocal pinpoint targeting drove a CTR 206% higher than benchmark
  • Imbedded video units led to 11% higher CTRs and a 20% lower cost with a 12% higher video play rate
  • Cord cutting strategies increased website visits from shoppers aged 25-34 by 50%
  • Household extension ads delivered CTRs 350% over benchmark and a video completion rate over 80%

Adding video to in-image ad units

We have great success with in-image advertising for our Honda associations, but we’re always striving to innovate. Knowing that digital video is extremely popular, we decided to marry the two techniques.

automotive digital marketing strategy

Three-prong strategy to reach cord cutters

We faced the challenge all marketers are facing right now – How in the world do you reach cord cutters where they are consuming TV content? We worked with our partners and developed a way to reach them wherever they watch: Smart TVs, Over the Top (OTT) devices like Roku, or online full episode players.

automotive digital marketing strategy

Household extension banners

The most recent Google study tells us that even when our program content is on TV, our heads are down looking at a secondary device 58% of the time. How can we ensure our ads are being seen?

automotive digital marketing strategy