Brand Strategy Case Studies for Dealerships | Graham Oleson

To build a branding campaign we begin by sitting down with the client to fully understand the objectives of the campaign. We then research the local market to understand what motivates buyers, where they prefer to receive messaging, and to understand the unique personality of the region and what factors make someone call that market home.

The Kansas Heartland Honda Dealers needed to overcome domestic brand-loyalty in Kansas. We created the “Heartland” spot that broke through with a local look and feel and reinforced the idea that Honda’s core values are the same as those of the people of the Kansas Heartland. We targeted the media placements to domestic loyalists and helped the group increase registrations 15.6% more than the market.

Johnson City Honda needed a new dealership identity to grow the business. We developed a new campaign called “LIFE” to brand Johnson City Honda’s bold differentiators. The dealership became the ONLY President’s Award winner in Tri-Cities Area as well as the regional volume leader.

Tameron Honda wanted to create a unique identity for the store. Graham Oleson created a brand for all four Tameron stores by leveraging their unique promise pricing, extended warranty, and VIP service. Tameron became the #1 Honda Dealer in Alabama!