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Graham Oleson is a forward-thinking auto dealer advertising agency that still understands the power of traditional channels like TV, Radio, Direct Mail, and Out of Home.

The industry migration to a digital-first mindset isn’t slowing down, but that doesn’t mean dealers slow to adapt should be looked at as tech-challenged stragglers.

You know traditional strategies still have the ability to drive success for your dealership. With a marketing partner that understands how to maximize the power of offline advertising, and how to enhance offline efforts with smart investments in online marketing, you’ll be able to raise your overall advertising game while staying true to your brand.

Check out our digital automotive marketing services page for more information about what we do to help dealers generate more business through online channels.

Learn How Our Traditional Advertising Can Benefit Your Dealership

Traditional Auto Dealer Advertising

Traditional media channels like Television, Radio, Print, and Outdoor Advertising are too effective to be abandoned. We’re not an agency that will try to push you into going all digital all the time.

You need to build a brand that keeps your dealership top of mind for car shoppers that are in-market now or will be in the future. We know how to make traditional media strategies a more effective component of your brand building efforts.


Television has been the bread and butter for auto dealer advertising for decades. Graham Oleson will take your TV ad campaign to another level with creative storytelling and strategic media buys.

Get Your Brand on TV!


Radio ads give you the potential to cut through clutter and speak directly to car consumers. We have made our reputation as a auto dealer advertising agency by producing engaging radio ads and making targeted buys.

Hit the Airwaves!


We know how to create print materials that get read and drive customers to your lot. Our direct mail and print campaigns are the best in the industry.

Reach Your Customers with Print Advertising


Billboards, transit ads, or sports venues — there are almost limitless opportunities for your auto dealership to build brand awareness and generate sales through Out of Home advertising (OOH). Graham Oleson has the expertise to help you identify the best local opportunities and balance it with your other advertising investments.

Dominate OOH Advertising Today!

Stay Traditional with Graham Oleson

Why do the major manufacturers like GM and Ford still spend so much of their annual budget on traditional auto advertising channels? Because they work! If you want to make traditional auto dealer advertising to work for you, work with Graham Oleson.

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