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Utilizing Six Second Bumper Ads in Automotive Advertising

6 second automotive bumper ads

In our last blog post we discussed two important trends in online video for automotive advertising in 2018, OTT and six second bumper ads. Six second bumper ads are:

  • Quick and to the point
  • Impactful
  • Improve frequency
  • Affordable

Although this format may seem limited, Google and YouTube say that six seconds is the optimal length that the audience will watch, listen, and recall your ad.  At Graham Oleson, we created two six second ads to accompany a thirty second campaign. These short ads prove that the possibilities are endless when creating a full campaign.

Trimming it Down

We first created a thirty second ad that used a happy family heading up to a winter cabin to showcase Honda’s full SUV line.

From this full ad we were able to create two six second ads. Each focusing on a different aspect of the story. The first draws the audience in with a fun visual, kids playing in the snow. It then moves to show the two Honda SUVs highlighting Honda as the 2018 Best SUV Brand.

The second has the Grandparents from the original spot, cozy with their cups of coffee while the VO says “Make more memories this winter, with an AWD 2018 Honda HR-V”

In each ad, we drew the consumer in with an interesting visual and statement, and then quickly reinforces a brand attribute such as a feature or award. Both focus onto an emotional response, are simplistic with little voice over, and compliment the full ad well, all of which are recommended strategies when creating a six second bumper ad. By taking a full 30 second ad and trimming it down, we were able to show two sides of the story, and therefore appeal to multiple types of automotive consumers.

Best Practices for Bumper Ads

When creating these bumper ads remember the following:

  • These are not a substitute for traditional commercials or pre-roll ads.
  • These will not be able to present multiple offers or promote your sales event this weekend.
  • Bumper ads are intended to increase brand recall.
  • Trimming down a 30 or 15 second ad can save on production and media costs.
  • Use humor and emotion to engage consumers.
  • Don’t include your product name at the beginning of the ad.
  • Focus on the customer first, their lifestyle, their interests, etc.
  • Keep it simple. Images and little VO draw people in.

Bumper ad’s ability to boost frequency and brand recall makes it an online video trend worth paying attention to when creating your ad campaigns for your dealerships. By doing so, you will spark excitement for your brand, and your customers will remember you for it.

Want to see more? Our team of experts would love to share how you can implement this trend in with your 2018 automotive marketing!