"Nobody remembers who finished second but the guy who finished second"
Bobby Unser

We are in the business of setting trends, not following them, which is why we bring forward digital tactics your competitors don’t even know exist. Without attribution how are you supposed to know digital is working? How do you know someone saw an ad and walked onto your lot? We can tell you that, can your agency? Are you sure you’re showing the right creative to the right shopper? Our dynamic ads tailor creative and content to specific individuals. Do you want in?

Over the Top (OTT)

As the FIRST automotive agency to buy OTT programmatically, we continuously raise the bar in how we engage with shoppers across connected devices. By leveraging the latest targeting technologies from the likes of Oracle, Roku, Experian, Urban Science, and even Amazon, we hit shoppers who are not just in-market, but in-market for YOU. Cord cutters can run, but they can’t hide!

Online Video

One-third of online activity is spent watching video across millions of sites and platforms. So, we create a wide range of platform specific content to serve lasting messages to in-market shoppers. From social to pre-roll, long-form to bumper ads, we’re always ready to create innovative online video solutions.

Audience Display Targeting

Our audience targeting finds specific shoppers no matter where they are at in the buying process. Whether they’re just beginning, have visited your site, are ready to buy, or look like any of the above, we narrow the scope and deliver engaging ads specifically for them. Pretty cool, right?

Paid Search

Checking the boxes on keywords and ad relevance is just one piece of the pie. We work across tiers to strategically structure our campaigns and strengthen your search presence. From conquest to retention, brand to parts & service, our team of paid search experts know how to prevent wasted dollars and keep your name in the forefront. We call it Relentless Optimization, you might say we’re savvy with the search bar.

Paid Social

Every scroll on social media is an opportunity to reach relevant buyers with precise targeting. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or whatever else the “cool kids” are using now a days, we cut through the content clutter and drive engagement where it matters most.

Landing Pages

We know how to make a first impression through intuitive development of landing pages and microsites. We create a frictionless experience that ushers shoppers from our ad to the information most relevant to them.

Email Marketing

We make email go the extra mile. With captivating creative and a frequency that won’t make you pull your hair out, our team can use internal and external databases to communicate with your buyers at the right point in their purchase cycle.

Search Engine Optimization

We’re all in this together. Even if we don’t manage a client’s website, we’re happy to share our industry knowledge on how to maximize organic search and help improve the visibility of your website with paid search in tow. Now that’s what we call owning the SERP.

Online Reputation Management

Online reviews are often considered the most reliable source of information for car shoppers. Graham Oleson manages brand reputation across an array of platforms to ensure our clients are viewed in a positive light.


Mobile is infused into everything that we do. We work to create a responsive shopper experience across all digital efforts by leveraging impactful creative to take up the real estate your buyers are engaging with the most.


“They were using phrases about digital opportunities that none of us had ever heard.”
Sandy Raffealli
Northern Nevada Honda Dealers