No two clients are the same. That’s why we’re capable of creating a wide range of executions. We do it all. We can be aggressive, we can be funny, we can be smart, we can even write original jingles. When it comes to creative, the only thing we can’t be is boring.  


A company’s brand isn’t just a logo. Branding gives dealerships a distinct personality and consistent tone across all of their marketing elements. At Graham Oleson, we develop brands based off of consumer insights, cultural trends, and manufacturer mandates. If our clients don’t have a brand identity when they come to us, we’ll give them one.


Our words are persuasive. We cater our messaging to the proper region and target market. No matter the medium, Graham Oleson finds a human insight that will resonate with consumers and puts it into words.

Art Direction

A picture is worth a thousand sales. Graham Oleson brings art direction to life with our team of multi-disciplinary artists.


Not every client needs a big production, that’s why we create custom illustrations and animation to help our clients stand out.

Web/Landing Pages

We want our clients to make the right first impression. That’s why we create custom and engaging websites and landing pages.

Social Content

From creating custom content to managing pages, Graham Oleson knows social media, so our clients don’t have to.



"We picked Graham Oleson for the creative. They got us, got our business and got our audience."
Roger Scholfield
Kansas Heartland Honda Dealers