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GO 360 takes you to the top

GO 360 is our unique approach to making sure you are present where people are shopping with the right creative and media mix for your advertising tier level and how we make sure you’re spending your budget where it will deliver you the most leads. GO 360 also includes our proprietary in-house suite of digital auto dealer marketing services that we use to implement and optimize online campaigns. Do you know what tactics you should be using to answer the Google-defined micro moment questions such as “Can I afford it?” versus “Am I getting a deal?” Do you know what your budget mix should be for each of those? Do you know what budget to allocate to OTT vs. traditional? GO 360 does!

How does GO 360 manage your marketing across the 900 digital touchpoints and help you capitalize on every micro-moment?  In addition to our unique methodology we take all the basic tactics and go further.

Which car is best?
Is it right for me?
Can I afford it?
Where should I buy it?
Am I getting a deal?



While we’ve added many screens to our daily landscape, Television is the tried and true medium that continues to reach your audience.  Let Graham Oleson take your broadcast campaign to the next level with strategic buys and creative storytelling!


We hit the airwaves with engaging radio spots that cut through the clutter. From digital/online radio to traditional stations, our distinctive production and targeted buys will help take your campaign to the top!

Direct Mail

Our direct mail efforts are 2nd to none. We know how to reach your audience with engaging print materials that not only peak interest, they bring customers to your showroom.

Out of Home (OOH)

Shoppers sitting in their cars are a captive audience. Whether you want to tell them why to buy from your store or divert them from visiting your competition, we can execute the right OOH strategy for you.

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Over The Top (OTT)

We were the first automotive agency in the world to purchase OTT programmatically. We round this out with full episode players and digital extensions to make sure cord cutters see your message wherever they consume their TV content.


Graham Oleson’s mobile campaigns are some of the most targeted, effective ways to reach your customers. From geo-fencing to behavioral targeting and beyond, we are able to reach shoppers on mobile devices, leading them to in-store visits. Our team will help reach your audience with efficient budgets and engaging creative.

Online Video

Online video content is growing, and there is no end in sight! Graham Oleson’s in-house production offers lightning fast turnaround without sacrificing quality on video that is designed to reach consumers where they interact in the digital space.  From Social to pre-roll to email, we’re big fans of video and bringing ideas to life.  Step out of the traditional box and jump into content that will engage your customers.

Landing Pages

The more relevant and personal a message is, the more likely a consumer is to respond. We develop landing pages and microsites to help personalize and reinforce campaign messages. This will ultimately deliver more leads to your store.

Audience Display Targeting

We cut through the clutter and target specific shoppers based on what they are doing online. Our display targeting focuses on identifying your intended consumer, segmenting the messages based on consumer context, and then delivering an ad that is relevant to them. We are bringing sight back to banner blindness!

Email Marketing

With email marketing, you’re as good as your subject line. Our team of email marketing experts effectively reach your audience. From weekly promotions, to the release of new vehicles, email marketing reaches your audience, resulting in more traffic to your store as well as some of the lowest costs per lead.

Paid Search

When it comes to being on top of your game. Graham Oleson will elevate your Search Engine Result Rankings with Paid Search. We know which keywords will strategically reach your audience. From conquest to awareness, our team of paid search experts help your dollars work harder while building your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even if Graham Oleson isn’t your website provider, we are happy to share our tips on how to make your dealership own organic searches. We can help you own the search results page!

Paid Social

When it comes to filling in your next status update, “satisfied” and “excited” might best describe your elation from the engagement created across social channels. With some of our most outstanding metrics to date, we know how to use paid social to reach your audience. Like us? Find out more ways we can elevate your paid social efforts.

Online Reputation management (ORM)

Reviews from peers are often considered THE most reliable source of information by car shoppers. Graham Oleson’s team of experts will make sure you are claiming every review site, responding to reviews properly, and marketing your positive reviews everywhere you can!

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Our team of designers don’t just create beautiful print, online and video ads. They understand that the job of our creative is to represent who you are and what you stand for while enticing people to engage with you and ultimately help you sell more cars. And our solutions aren’t cookie-cutter. They understand that each market is different as well as each store’s personality, and they work with you to develop the best possible design for your campaigns to deliver results.


Our production company, Windstar Studios, is located in Graham Oleson headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Our center includes a 2,000 square foot soundstage, five editing suites, and a complete recording studio.  Our focus on automotive, our facility and combined experience working as a team make our agency one of the most efficient production resources in the automotive world.

Account Service

At Graham Oleson we believe our results and our clients’ success are driven by our people: people who think big, do the right thing, exceed expectations, and have fun. We build our account services team with people who embody these values. People who are innovative, creative, and collaborative leaders who always act with integrity while going above and beyond for our clients. People who are passionate and never deliver something to a client without being sure it’s our absolute best work. People who are trustworthy and just plain nice. We look for the best in the industry when building our team because we’re not just a team, we’re family.

Media Buying

Graham Oleson’s Media Team is known across the country for buying intelligently for our customers, pushing our vendors for the biggest return on investment, and for using integrated media solutions and breakthrough strategies. Our team of 10+ buyers, planners, and strategists boasts employees with over 30 years buying experience as well as cutting-edge digital certifications and awards. Our team has purchased over $400,000,000 in traditional and digital media in over 110 markets across the United States and Canada.


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