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Mobile Automotive Marketing – Why Dealers Need to Think Mobile-First

When and the location analytics experts at Placed teamed up for a study on car buyers, it was a great opportunity for automotive retailers to gain new insights into the ways smartphones and mobile devices are affecting customer behavior on the lot.

In case you missed it, let’s recap some of the most important mobile automotive marketing statistics revealed in the study:

– Car shoppers with mobile devices were 72 percent more likely to go to multiple dealerships than shoppers without mobile devices. More than half (52 percent) of shoppers with mobile devices said information they found by using their device inspired them to visit an additional dealership.

– One-third of the car shoppers studied said they went to an additional dealership because of a mobile ad they saw while using their device on a lot

– When the car shoppers looked for information on their mobile devices, 51 percent were looking for price and payment info, 29 percent wanted to know about inventory, 17 percent were checking reviews, and 16 percent were in search of advice.

These numbers reveal how important mobile strategies have become in successful automotive marketing today. Retailers who understand the shifts that are happening in mobile-enabled car buyers tend to focus on communicating pricing variables proactively, presenting alternative inventory options, and price-matching.

Dealers shouldn’t be scared by the mobile revolution that’s taking place in the automotive retail industry. By anticipating the needs of the rapidly growing number of smartphone-carrying car shoppers, a dealer can find a powerful new platform to sell the their dealership’s unique value to the customer.

A strong mobile automotive marketing strategy combined with special offers and well-merchandised inventory is a great recipe for success with showroom visitors. The and Placed study reveals that car buyer behavior is changing with technology, but you don’t have to fall behind.

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