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Marketing Ideas for Small Cars

Marketing Ideas Small Cars

Although the automotive industry is seeing an increase in interest for small Crossovers and SUVs, there is still a market for sedan buyers. With these marketing ideas for selling small cars, you can reach the sometimes elusive sedan buyer.

In April, Ford announced they will stop manufacturing most of their sedans except the Mustang. Car dealers have been feeling the sedan market pinch for a while, and many have severely de-prioritized these vehicles in their inventory and marketing strategy. However, passenger cars are not off the lot just yet—they contribute to 50% of total auto sales—dealers still need to move them even amongst this change in the automotive industry. Here are two marketing ideas to sell sedans during this market shift.

Social Targeting

With the rise of social media marketing, sedan buyers have become easier to find and target. Online targeting gives dealers the opportunity to be in front of the right audience at the right time. By creating an audience through Facebook, you can utilize demographic and interest information to target your customer with relevant messaging. Then you can create individual buyer profiles to target specific buyers across mediums.

For example, one buyer profile for a Ford Focus could be a 20-year old female student, who enjoys traveling. In order to reach this buyer, we recommend using platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Once this buyer profile is established, you can target these similar interests among other marketing tactics, such as search, cable TV, and streaming television.

Creative Messaging

According to car shoppers in a study by Autolist, there are two financial factors that contribute to their decision to buy a sedan.

  • Rising interest rates leading to higher costs of financing a new car
  • Rising price per gallon of gasoline in the U.S.

These two factors incentivize consumers to purchase sedans over any other vehicle available to them. This is because sedans ensure a cost savings even amidst future changes. Therefore, you should highlight high miles per gallon and low financing costs in your creative messaging when advertising sedans.

Also, keep your buyer profiles in mind. Once you pin down your sedan market, you can include their interests and demographics within your advertising. Showing how these sedans fit their lifestyle and personality, is critical in developing interest and engagement.

Graham Oleson, Your Advertising Consultant

The car market is evolving rapidly, and although there is an increase in interest for small Crossovers and SUVs, there is still a market for sedans. It is in your dealership’s best interest to continue to attract these sedan buyers.

When deciding on advertising budgets and strategies, car dealers have to know what’s happening in the market now and what’s happening next. At Graham Oleson, we pride ourselves on always being on the cutting edge of digital and traditional advertising automotive advertising. If you want to talk about an advertising strategy or marketing ideas to increase sales in 2018, let’s talk:

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