How do you Increase Holiday Sales Revenue?

A holiday sale is a powerful tool in the car business. Events around Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day can boost a dealership’s weekend traffic by as much as 35%. With that in mind, Graham Oleson added a holiday.

While Black Friday had become the biggest shopping day of the year, it was not perceived as a great car buying time. Graham Oleson changed that by creating a Black Friday sales event for the Northwest Toyota Dealer Association. We let bargain-hungry shoppers know that instead of getting up at 3 in the morning to save a couple hundred dollars on electronics they could save thousands without any loss of sleep.

The sale was a huge success for our dealer association and Black Friday has now become a regular holiday on the auto sales calendar. By breaking new ground and constantly seeking new ways to connect car shoppers with car dealers, our automotive advertising agency turns ordinary days into major opportunities.

Glen Day is the Executive Creative Director of Graham Oleson. His integrated campaigns for brands like BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Subaru and Toyota have won awards from Effies to Cannes Lions. More importantly, his work has driven sales, built brands and helped put food on a lot of tables. People say Glen is like Mad Men Creative Director Don Draper…but without the smokes, the secretaries, the skinny ties or the looks.

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