Engage Your Audience with Live Video

Engage Your Audience with Live Video

live video ideas for car dealerships

As online video continues to become the number one way users consume content via social media, it has become paramount that video is included in your marketing mix. As a result of video’s popularity, live video, also known as live streaming, has become a tool for dealer advertising. This real-time interaction of live video provides increased brand transparency, relatability, and loyalty. It gives users the impression they are getting a “sneak peek” or exclusive access to your dealership.

According to a Livestream Survey, 82% of respondents said that they would prefer to watch a live video than read a social media post. And for 2018, we only see this trend growing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer a live stream option for users and it is your ticket to boosting engagement on social media.

Looking for car dealership video ideas? Watch the video below to see how you can implement live video into your automotive marketing strategy.

Ways to Use Live Video

As we said in the video, live video is all about sharing engaging content at the moment it’s happening. Users are interested in seeing something that they can’t simply find somewhere else on the internet. You can transform your social presence with the following live video ideas:

  • Sales Events with Time Limits (Memorial Day Sales, Black Friday Sales, etc.)
  • Grand Opening Events
  • Contests
  • Vehicle Walk Arounds
  • New Product Reviews
  • New Owner’s Clinic
  • Vehicle Maintenance Walkthroughs

Live video is good for face-to-camera videos with your sales team, as well as live-action shots from events and staged studio broadcasts. Use live video when you want to reach a lot of people quickly or in real time, script a marketing message, experiment, and track results.

Nielsen’s “Impact of Attention” research, shows 2.4X more attention was paid to ads when ads were shown on platforms with full sight and sound. Live video is the newest video platform and consumers are using it to engage more with business every day.

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