Dealership Digital Advertising Advice for the Holidays

Dealership Digital Advertising Advice for the Holidays

This is the time of the year that auto dealer advertising firms all weigh in with tips on the best digital advertising strategies for the holidays. Unfortunately, it’s never quite so simple as following a few general pieces of advice from someone that doesn’t know you, your business, or your customers. 

Car dealership holiday digital advertising strategies should be discussed in the unique context of your dealership, your budget, and your audience. With this article, let’s focus on the contextual foundation that should shape your digital advertising strategy for the 2016 holiday season and beyond. 

Your Ad Budget 

Is your pay per click advertising budget ready for a spike? As most dealers who watch their search ads closely around this time of year can tell you, there’s typically a search volume increase of around 20-30 percent around the last month or so of the calendar year. 

Experienced ad buying dealerships see this increase coming and adjust their budgets dynamically throughout the year to prepare for the November-December jump. Spending the same amount that you did in September isn’t going to earn you the same impression share around the holidays. That means your competitors will be able to take a bigger share of the ad space at a key time of the year. 

If your budget doesn’t allow for you to pump up the ad spend, it’s not very helpful for every auto marketing firm to give you the friendly tip to utilize pay per click ads this holiday season. Having the right advertising partner by your side throughout the year will ensure that you spread your budget wisely.

Your Deal Readiness 

People are always looking for a great deal on a car, but they’re especially deal hungry at the end of the year. Is your digital advertising account structured to capitalize on the deal craziness of your potential buyers?

Here are some things to consider:

  • There are some seasonal keywords that you should pay attention to. Holiday car shoppers are going to be using terms like year-end lease deals, thanksgiving car deals, and Christmas car deals. If you’re just going about business as usual, with the same old keywords that have been working the rest of the year, you’ll be missing out on some key opportunities. 
  • Your ad copy also could use an update for the 2016 holidays. Start by making sure your callout extensions account for the offers and deals you’ve got running specifically for thanksgiving and Christmas. This is a big time of year for trade-in, so make sure any offers related to trade-ins are reflected in callout extensions as well.

Rather than focusing on general tips this December, think about the details of your digital advertising account. Nothing brings success like getting all the details right.

It’s an important time of year for car dealers. If you want help understanding the advertising strategies that will work best for your unique dealership, region, and audience, you need to talk to Graham Oleson. 

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