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Search for Opportunity

How does a dealership rocket from last in its dealer zone to #1 with no new spending? By reaching a broader audience.

Working with a midsized import dealership located about an hour northwest of Los Angeles, Graham Oleson recommended a shift from their usual mix of radio, newspaper and print that was only impacting buyers in their immediate area. We suggested moving a sizable portion of the dealer’s ad spend toward a digital search campaign that could put them in the consideration set for shoppers both in their current market and in the huge Los Angeles market.

It paid off big.

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Effective Campaign Copywriting

It’s a given; when building a fully-functioning advertising campaign from A-Z, all pieces from TV spots to Point of Purchase should have consistent messaging, phrasing and imagery to tie everything together. In addition, each medium should dovetail with the next to have one ultimate message across every touch point with the potential consumer. But there’s one important rule that is sometimes forgotten, and it’s one of the most important strategy points to capture in a campaign: know your audience.

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360 Media Plan Necessary for Automotive Marketing

360 marketing plan for automotive

A decade or two ago the auto-intender purchase funnel was fairly simple and linear. The path consisted of awareness, followed by consideration, which led to multiple dealer lot visits, then the purchase. Fast forward to present day and between an enormous shift in lifestyle habits, gender and income demographics, media consumption, and the near unlimited options available to the consumer, that purchase funnel path has become much less straight forward.

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How do you Increase Holiday Sales Revenue?

A holiday sale is a powerful tool in the car business. Events around Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day can boost a dealership’s weekend traffic by as much as 35%. With that in mind, Graham Oleson added a holiday.

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5 Reminders to beat Social Media Headaches

social media headaches for car dealers

Over the years I have managed several social accounts for different dealerships and companies. Some days I can pump my fist in victory, and other days are ruined because of zero engagement or that annoying Facebook review. Bottom line: social media is frustrating. That doesn’t mean we can stop. “And we won’t stop,” to quote Miley Cyrus. Social media is here to stay and marketers need to adjust. Successful social brands advertise with their content, while still fitting or exceeding the standards people have set for each social platform. We have to earn our seat, earn our likes and earn their loyalty.

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