5 Reminders to beat Social Media Headaches

Over the years I have managed several social accounts for different dealerships and companies. Some days I can pump my fist in victory, and other days are ruined because of zero engagement or that annoying Facebook review. Bottom line: social media is frustrating. That doesn’t mean we can stop. “And we won’t stop,” to quote Miley Cyrus. Social media is here to stay and marketers need to adjust. Successful social brands advertise with their content, while still fitting or exceeding the standards people have set for each social platform. We have to earn our seat, earn our likes and earn their loyalty.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


While this summer didn’t really have a song that brought the World Wide Web together, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did. Many of us were challenged individually, so we decided to take the dare together. We waited until our End-of-summer BBQ to fill our buckets and donate to ALS research. Of course Colorado Springs brought us 50 degree weather that day. No big deal.

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