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Have you shifted from Flash to HTML5

In the summer of 2015, the web reverberated with news that Google and Mozilla would no longer service Flash on their browsers, Chrome and Firefox. Now, this might not sound like earth-shaking news at first glance, but here’s what it meant to advertisers: many of their animated display ads, online games and web videos would no longer play.

This was a huge problem for advertisers – especially relatively small advertisers like car dealerships – and many automotive digital marketing agencies had not seen this coming. But for those attuned to industry trends, it would be no problem at all.

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Over the top Case Study


Millennials continue to play an increasing part in automotive sales, and this segment of the auto buying consumer is expected to make up 40% of all auto purchases by 2020. Knowing that this is a great opportunity to reach a rapidly growing customer base, we set out to discover how they are engaging with what we typically see as “traditional TV.”

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Congrats to Two Innovative Dealers

For the past four years, Automotive News has recognized 40 up-and-coming individuals under the age of 40 who are making a mark in their dealerships. This year, Graham Oleson is proud to work with two standouts who made the list.

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Graham Oleson Nailed it (Yes, pun intended)

Throughout the year, at Graham Oleson, we spend our time helping car dealers by providing automotive marketing plans with cutting-edge creative and customized media solutions. But this month Graham Oleson had the opportunity to use our time a little differently.

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Going Local

Different vehicle brands mean different things to people in various parts of the country. This can be driven by physical distinctions like geography and climate, or by more subjective distinctions like culture and local interest. When these distinct perspectives exist, localized messaging can greatly increase the connection with the audience.

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