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Marketing Ideas for Small Cars

Marketing Ideas Small Cars

Although the automotive industry is seeing an increase in interest for small Crossovers and SUVs, there is still a market for sedan buyers. With these marketing ideas for selling small cars, you can reach the sometimes elusive sedan buyer.

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2018 Car Dealership Website Best Practices


Increase automotive website leads with these best practices for your car dealership website from Graham Oleson.

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Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends report

Want to understand all the most important tech stats and trends for 2018? Legendary venture capitalist Mary Meeker has just released the 2018 version of her famous Internet Trends report. It covers everything from mobile to commerce to the competition between tech giants. In her report she covers a number of important digital trends that impact the automotive industry as well.

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Facebook Privacy and Your Advertising


Facebook has become one of the most popular and visited websites in the world. With an enormous user base, hyper-targeting and wide exposure to the right audience, Facebook is now one of the more important advertising options for dealer marketing.

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Engage Your Audience with Live Video

live video ideas for car dealerships

As online video continues to become the number one way users consume content via social media, it has become paramount that video is included in your marketing mix. As a result of video’s popularity, live video, also known as live streaming, has become a tool for dealer advertising. This real-time interaction of live video provides increased brand transparency, relatability, and loyalty. It gives users the impression they are getting a “sneak peek” or exclusive access to your dealership.

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