Two Video Executions You Should be Using in 2018

2017 has come and gone, and there’s never been a better time to ensure you’re maximizing your automotive video presence.

At Graham Oleson, we are constantly looking toward the future for techniques to help dealers succeed. Here are some of the top video marketing strategies that you should be keeping an eye on in 2018.

Reaching Cord Cutters

Less and less people are subscribing to cable or satellite. Younger generations are skipping straight to streaming services on devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and PlayStation Vue. Cord cutting is becoming a staple for TV watching. This is causing other popular content providers to think of ways to appeal to this demographic. For instance, YouTube has created a live streaming service where customers pay for access to popular channels, including local news in order to gain access to cord cutters.

Over the Top (OTT) advertising allows you to reach these cord cutters, delivering your ads straight through the streaming services they are using to watch their favorite content. Graham Oleson was one of the first automotive agencies to utilize over the top advertising by partnering up with Roku and allowing our clients access to this demographic. In fact, we noticed a 50% increase in pre-roll viewer engagement through our OTT ads over alternative advertising methods.

A Six Second Story

We are also expecting bumper ads to gain more traction in 2018. Bumper ads are six seconds and are usually found on YouTube, however they are used in traditional media as well. These small six-second ads are great in boosting reach and frequency. According to a study of 300 bumper ad campaigns, 90% were shown to be effective in enhancing ad recall when combined with longer format and more traditional pre-roll ads.

Although it may seem impossible to condense your message to a six second video format, brands like Old Spice, Duracell, Google, Mercedes-Benz, and others have been able to utilize this format to increase their brand awareness. By using humor, wit, and a bit of ingenuity they have created engaging micro-ads that minimize interruptions to a person’s viewing habits. Best of all they are affordable for most advertisers, and its short format means that it’s not skippable. These can also easily complement a larger traditional or pre-roll campaign.

Six second ads are not just for digital platforms, you may have already seen few examples of six second ads when your favorite team hits the field on Sundays. Sporting events have started implementing six second ads during lulls in football or baseball games. Either online or on the field, six second bumper ads are transforming the online video landscape.

To find out more about how you can incorporate these video executions into your 2018 campaigns, call or reach out to one of our advertising experts! We are always looking at ways to drive advertising forward.

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Improving Customer Loyalty for Auto Dealers: 3 Can’t Miss Strategies

Focusing only on attracting new customers is one of the most common marketing mistakes made by car dealers.

Reeling in a buyer that has never purchased from you before certainly is a valuable win for your business. Unfortunately, it’s also often an expensive win.

When it comes to marketing, it’s all about return on investment. And, when it comes to ROI, the best bang for a car dealer’s buck usually comes from customer retention, not new customer attraction.

If you don’t have a customer retention game plan, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity for increasing sales. Don’t worry: this article has three can’t miss strategies for improving customer loyalty for auto dealers.

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7 Car Dealership Advertising Ideas Proven to Increase Car Sales

proven car dealership advertising ideas

2017 car sales numbers may be strong so far in many markets around the US, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to find an auto dealer struggling to attract a consistent stream of leads. For some, their customer generation problem stems from one source: a lack of fresh, unique, impactful car dealership advertising ideas. 

Vehicle consumers are spending more and more time researching their decisions on the internet before heading out to a car lot. They read reviews, ask for advice on social media, and compare specs and stats. 

It takes stellar marketing and advertisements — not just on traditional auto dealer advertising mediums like TV and radio — to establish the kind of brand identity and authority that will cut through all the noise consumers are exposed to when shopping for a car.

If your current car dealership marketing strategies aren’t cutting it, don’t fear. We’ve got a long list of ideas to get any car salesman or dealer back on the road to successful lead generation. 

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Traditional Auto Dealer Advertising

Graham Oleson is a forward-thinking auto dealer advertising agency that still understands the power of traditional channels like TV, Radio, Direct Mail, and Out of Home.

The industry migration to a digital-first mindset isn’t slowing down, but that doesn’t mean dealers slow to adapt should be looked at as tech-challenged stragglers.

You know traditional strategies still have the ability to drive success for your dealership. With a marketing partner that understands how to maximize the power of offline advertising, and how to enhance offline efforts with smart investments in online marketing, you’ll be able to raise your overall advertising game while staying true to your brand.

Check out our digital automotive marketing services page for more information about what we do to help dealers generate more business through online channels.

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3 Automotive Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

automotive advertising trends of 2017

With 2016 is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead to 2017 and the key automotive marketing trends that are likely to dominate the year to come.

At Graham Oleson, we are always looking for ways to help dealers get ahead and stay ahead of their competition. Our team took some time recently to predict which developing storylines will be the most important for the auto industry in the near future.

Here are our choices for the top three automotive marketing trends to watch in 2017.

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