Digital Advertising and Online Presence

  • Update your business hours for sales and service on your website
  • Create a page on your website that tells consumers what your dealership is doing to maintain social distancing and proper sanitation practices
  • Follow this up with a banner or header on your homepage that directs to this page
  • Explain clearly on your website how sales is operating – delivery, appointment, etc.
  • Highlight online sales on your website
  • Follow-up on EVERY internet lead immediately
  • Work with your marketing partners to whitelist keywords (sites and articles) regarding health, fitness, and news to in-market shoppers.
  • Blacklist terms and programs correlated with negative terms, such as coronavirus deaths, ICU bed shortage, etc.
  • Update your SEM copy to reflect if you are open for sales and service, highlight home delivery/concierge, and reduce local campaign budgets

Google My Business

  • Update hours to reflect if you are open or closed or if there are special hours
  • Enable messaging through GMB to enable easy communication with shoppers
  • Update your business description about what you are doing to protect your consumers during this time. i.e. “Now offering car pick-up and delivery”


  • Stay active on social platforms so your customers know you’re there and remain top of mind
  • Make sure messaging is enabled within your Facebook business to allow additional ways for your consumers to get in touch
  • Consider unique offers:
    • Double the government stimulus check
    • Free oil change (and pick-up and drop off) for Doctors and people working for essential businesses
    • For each vehicle sold, donate medical supplies or a dollar amount

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