7 Car Dealership Advertising Ideas Proven to Increase Car Sales

2017 car sales numbers may be strong so far in many markets around the US, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to find an auto dealer struggling to attract a consistent stream of leads. For some, their customer generation problem stems from one source: a lack of fresh, unique, impactful car dealership advertising ideas. 

Vehicle consumers are spending more and more time researching their decisions on the internet before heading out to a car lot. They read reviews, ask for advice on social media, and compare specs and stats. 

It takes stellar marketing and advertisements — not just on traditional auto dealer advertising mediums like TV and radio — to establish the kind of brand identity and authority that will cut through all the noise consumers are exposed to when shopping for a car.

If your current car dealership marketing strategies aren’t cutting it, don’t fear. We’ve got a long list of ideas to get any car salesman or dealer back on the road to successful lead generation. 

Car Dealership Advertising Ideas

Social Ads

Social advertising is one of the biggest automotive marketing trends of 2017. Today, effective use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular platforms goes way beyond posting photos of new vehicles on the lot or sharing the experiences of happy customers.

Facebook ads in particular allow precision of consumer targeting that wasn’t possible before. If there’s one important idea you take away from this article and act on right away, make it social advertising.


Everybody likes free stuff. And every dealer should like giveaways. Whether it’s a cash prize, free services (oil change, for instance) for a year, or a big discount on a new car purchase, the giveaway is a proven way to bring potential leads to a dealer lot.

Promotional products are another option. Handing out branded license plate frames, stickers, carabiners, cups, and similar items will help you stay top of mind with your customers.

Don’t be afraid to test a few different ideas out. Find what works for your unique customer base and repeat it.


If promoted effectively, an event can help a car dealer achieve a range of goals: attract people to the lot, increase car sales, establish stronger customer loyalty, lay a strong foundation for future as well as current business, increase brand visibility.

You probably already knew events were an option. What you need are clear, actionable car dealership event ideas.

We love the creative event marketing ideas in this article from Auto Dealer Today. Borrowing ideas that have been successful for others is a great place to start new strategies for auto dealer promotions

Community Engagement

Interacting with your community can be rewarding on so many levels. Whether you’re partnering up with a non-competing local business that serves a similar demographic, supporting a local charity, or advertising at a town holiday parade, your community offers limitless opportunities for you to expand awareness of your brand while doing something that makes you feel good.

Always be looking for ways to engage with other people in your community to do a little good while furthering your advertising and marketing goals.


Customer testimonials can be some of the most effective car advertisements. We know, we know. They’re not supposed to be advertisements, but that’s what they are.

When it comes to hiring a plumber, picking a restaurant, or even choosing a car dealership, reviews might actually be the thing that matters most to the average consumer. They matter a lot to search engines as well. Building up your customer reviews on Google correlates with better rankings in local pack and organic search results.


Most of us can probably recite the slogan of at least one local car dealer operating. These sayings become famous within towns and regions and stick with people throughout their lives. They’re popular with auto dealers because they have been a powerful form of brand building. 

Slogans aren’t just for loud and crazy used car dealers. If developed properly, they can work for preowned dealers, new car dealerships, and even high-end dealers. Here’s a list of over 150 slogans and taglines.

Mobile Ads

Consumers are spending more time researching cars on their phones and tablets. Do you have visibility with that audience?

If you don’t you’re falling behind in today’s increasingly mobile-first shopping landscape.

Get Professional Car Advertising Consulting

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Traditional Auto Dealer Advertising

Graham Oleson is a forward-thinking auto dealer advertising agency that still understands the power of traditional channels like TV, Radio, Direct Mail, and Out of Home.

The industry migration to a digital-first mindset isn’t slowing down, but that doesn’t mean dealers slow to adapt should be looked at as tech-challenged stragglers.

You know traditional strategies still have the ability to drive success for your dealership. With a marketing partner that understands how to maximize the power of offline advertising, and how to enhance offline efforts with smart investments in online marketing, you’ll be able to raise your overall advertising game while staying true to your brand.

Check out our digital automotive marketing services page for more information about what we do to help dealers generate more business through online channels.

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